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Model 1 RW(r) Dryer
Model 1 RWtm Dryer
About Us

Founded in 1989, MCD Technologies Inc. is at the forefront of food processing technology. The company invented, patented and
continues to develop, manufacture, and sell dryers and evaporators that use advanced, revolutionary Refractance   Window
® heat transfer technology. MCD also offers Contract Evaporating and/or Drying Services in order to demonstrate the superior qualities of Refractance Window® dried and evaporated products. These products and services benefit customers who require market samples and scale-up capabilities, together with state of the art equipment for their processing needs.

MCD products are developed and manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 registered facility.

State Of The Art Equipment Manufacture

MCD employs advanced engineering capabilities to insure superior quality design and manufacture of Refractance Window
® dehydration and evaporation equipment and accessories. All equipment is computer-aided design (CAD) drafted and then manufactured to exact specifications.

Scientific Validation of RWTM Technology

In 1998, MCD received a grant from Washington Technology Center to work with Washington State University to document qualitative aspects of Refractance Window
® drying. Work done to date has demonstrated that Refractance Window® dried strawberry retains more Vitamin C than freeze-drying and similar levels of Vitamin A. WTC and USDA grants have been awarded to investigate energy and qualitative aspects of Refractance   Window® drying and evaporating. Ongoing work on these projects will provide further documentation of Refractance Window® technology's uniquely gentle processing capabilities.


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