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Model 5 RW(TM) dryer
Model 5 RWtmDryer

Model 4 RW(TM) Dryer
Model 4 RWtm Dryer

Model 3 RW(TM) Dryer
Model 3 RWtm Dryer

Model 2 RW(TM) Dryer
Model 2 RWtm Dryer

Model 1 RW(r) Dryer
Model 1 RWtm Dryer
Refractance Window® Dryer Specifications

Refractance Window
® Dryers

The RWTM drying process is both effective and efficient. Our commercial drying equipment offers excellent results with a wide variety of foods and other products requiring precise, low temperature drying. RW
TM dryers are very successful at removing moisture from high moisture products that generally vary in solids content between 3% and 70%.

Refractance Window
® Production Dryers feature modular design which enables the customer to add more modules to the dryer as processing needs increase.

Pilot dryers are ideal for new product development and drying very small batches.

All systems comply with sanitary standards and are easily cleaned. RW
TM commercial dryers are even capable of being self-Koshered.

Because products dry differently, your product(s) must be test dried in order to estimate production capabilities. See the Services section for more detail on MCD Technologies' test drying, market samples, and contract drying.

Refractance Window
® drying equipment is tailored to exact specifications, as determined by customer requirements. Our team of engineers advises on infrastructure and provides engineering layouts, utility requirements, and connection details for RWTM equipment. Included in your equipment purchase is our custom installation of your Refractance Window® commercial drying equipment, as well as operator training.

Product Benefits

Superior Product Quality   Independent testing by Washington State University has demonstrated retention of superior levels of color, flavor, aroma, actives, and nutrient retention

Additives   None or at very low levels

Dried Flake Product   Agglomeration not required

Dried Product Size   Dried flakes can be sized to a wide range of customer specifications

Zoned Temperature Control   For products with special needs

Very Low Temperature Capability   For extremely delicate products

Capable Of Automatic, Self-Kosherization   Provides product flexibility

Small Quantity Capability   Easily and rapidly switch between products and samples

Operational & Efficiency Benefits

Simple, Fast, Continuous Operation   Eliminates pre-processing for many products. Most products dry in 2 to 4 minutes. Minimal training of dryer operators

Low, Simple Maintenance   Save thousands in maintenance costs

Fast, Easy Set Up And Clean Up   Easily and rapidly switch between products


Modular Design   Easy upgrades by adding onto existing equipment

Equipment Cost   Moderate

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) And Laser Cut Precision   Simple production expansion capability. Replacement parts that fit!


Energy Efficient   Lower energy usage and costs by up to 50%. Low water use saves resources and mitigates pollution.

Air Quality   Little essence is lost from product. Dust is not generated by the process

Working Conditions   Low noise level. Very little heat emitted or wasted by the dryer

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