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Model 5 RW(TM) dryer
Model 5 RWtmDryer
Refractance Window® Dryer Information

Refractance Window® Dryer Specifications

Model 1 RW(TM) evaporator
RWtm Evaporator
Refractance Window® Evap Information

Refractance Window® Evap Specifications


Refractance Window
® Technology

Our patented technology utilizes water as the heat transfer medium to transmit energy at the speed of light in order to dry a wide variety of products.  Even delicate materials ranging from bio-active lactobacillus to scrambled egg mix to nutraceuticals, for example, dry efficiently and with superior outcomes.
How It Works
A slurry of liquid product is evenly applied to the top surface of a continuous sheet of transparent plastic.  This impervious conveyor belt floats on a surface of hot water (210° F / 99° C or less).
Our proprietary process allows infrared energy (inherent in the circulating water beneath the belt) to pass at the speed of light directly into the liquid slurry.  The "window" allowing the rapid transfer of infrared energy closes as the product loses moisture. Heat is also conducted through the belt, which aids to evaporate moisture in the product, especially when the product is nearly dry.  Infrared energy and conducted heat permit rapid drying at atmospheric pressure rather than under a vacuum.
This rapid, yet gentle process provides superior retention of a product's beneficial properties, including its nutrition, flavor, color and aroma.

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