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Model 1 RW(r) Evaporator
RWtm Evaporator
Refractance Window® Evaporator Specifications
Refractance Window
® Evaporator

MCD Technologies' Refractance Window
® Evaporation equipment provides an improved, gentle, more natural way to concentrate delicate, sensitive products.

Operating at low temperature and at atmospheric pressure, rather than under a vacuum, Refractance Window
® Commercial Evaporators keep flavor and essence locked within your product. Patented, energy efficient heat transfer technology combined with simplicity of operation and maintenance make Refractance Window® Evaporators are ideal for removing moisture from your sensitive, delicate and valuable products.


Superior retention of color, flavor, essence, actives and nutrients at a fraction of the cost for systems offering comparable quality

Low temperature evaporation capability for heat sensitive products

Energy efficient evaporation at atmospheric pressure

Designed for simple operation and maintenance and for easy wash down

Capable of very high solids (85%) levels with selected products


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