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Model 1 RW(r) Dryer
Model 1 RWtm Dryer
Find out if Refractace Window® drying and/or evaporating are right for your products with a complimentary drying or evaporation test. Click here for more information.

Contract Processing

Using our state-of-the-art Refractance Window® Dryers and Evaporators, we provide contract processing and toll drying services tailored to our customers' requirements. These services are available on a large or small scale basis at our certified Organic and Kosher Processing facility.

RWDryers and Evaporators gently process delicate, high value products using low temperatures and short dwell times. Low or no additives or carriers are required to dry products.  Recovery rates are excellent and turn around times short. These "green" processes are environmentally responsible, energy efficient, require very low water usage, and preserve air quality.

To contact us regarding CONTRACT PROCESSING, please fill out our contract processing form.



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